Notice-no Service July 30th as we are going on a trip to a fellow Church in NH.

Most people think of Thanksgiving when they hear the name "Pilgrim", and while it is true we in America can trace one of our favorite Holidays to them, there is much more to their story.
The Pilgrims fled England to avoid religious persecution, and stayed in the Netherlands for a time until they could gain access to a ship that would take them to the "New World". They experienced many hardships before, during and after the journey, with half of their group dying during the first winter. A document written upon arrival to the new land, "The Mayflower Compact" detailed how they would govern themselves. Parts of this document later inspired the "Bill of Rights". For those who do not believe that America was founded as a Christian Nation, even a cursory glance at our historical documents indicates that our leaders were very mindful of God.

Our Mission

Ever wish you could change things? Change your Outlook? Your Attitude? Your Life? But How? The new year brings opportunities for life renewal which, by the way is God's specialty! Come visit Wachogue Congregational Church and meet the people just like you who couldn't change things, but found God could - and did! Experience a real difference from the inside out. You will be amazed by the transformation.
Simply put, our mission is to share the Gospel with every one, to help educate in the Word of God and to encourage and love one another as our God desires.


Christian Education

Wachogue is presently doing a Bible Study before Sunday morning Service (approx 9:30 am.) The class is 30-45 mins long. Current Topic is "The Prayer of Jabez"


Worship Services

Wachogue is indeed blessed in that we have not one but two other Churches with whom we share our facilities. Our Service is Sunday Morning at ten a.m.


Social Media

Come visit our Facebook Page Our Facebook Page


Other Media

Pastor Renzo has done Radio programs in the past and is currently on Cable TV Channel 12 for Springfield area Comcast viewers.



Beginning July 15th and continuing through September (longer if there enough interest) Wachogue is pleased to announce our Summer Movie Series. The first screening will be the movie- "ThePrincess Bride"  July 29th "The Secret of Mr. Sperry". Aug 6th we will show "Do you believe?" followed on Aug 20th by "God's not dead." Come visit our facebook page (click the link above) for more details and showtimes.

Wachogue is a Diverse Christian Community

Our Services

Here we will list our three Churches and their times of Worship.
Further info about them below.


Wachogue Congregational Church

Pastor Renzo Ventrice
Sunday Mornings 10:00 am.
Fellowship, Refreshments and Bible Study Class, discussion are before service, starting at 9:30 am .


New Life Fellowship

United Pentacostal Church
Pastor Les O'Dell
Services Sunday, 5:30 pm. and Wensday, 7:00pm.


Abundant Life Worship and Praise

Overseer Pastor Gwen Hynes
Sunday School 11:00 am.
Worship Service 12:30 pm
Thursday Night Prayer 7:30 pm.
Youth Church 4th Saturday of Month.

Our Works

James 2:26 "As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead."
Some of the things we do and have done, in links and pictures.
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before our new friends
and brothers and sisiters
Joined us- the old sign

Abundant Life

will be happy to put any link you want here

New Life

again, happy to put any link you want here

Our Building is located at

80 Arvilla Street (corner of Roosevelt and Arvilla) Springfield, MA

Sprinfield Rescue Mission

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The Gray House

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About Us

The name "Wachogue" came from the local Indians. It refers to the area between the South Branch of the Mill River and the East Longmeadow line.
From 1904 to 1926 local families gathered for worship in various places. In May 1926 the Charter for Wachogue Congregational Church was signed.
The first building was a white wooden building that faced Whittum street.The building as we know it today was completed in 1956.

Video Intro

Pastor Renzo Ventrice

Pastor Renzo and his wife Betsy know how to share the Love of Christ with others. Unlike some modern day Preachers who twist the Scriptures to suit their purposes (and line their pockets), Pastor Renzo will give it to you straight. If you come to visit us one Sunday, I can guarantee you will be impressed by what you will hear. Pastor Renzo has an extensive knowledge of the early Church, and delivers his messages with zeal and enthusiam.

Pastor's Renzo's Credentials are as follows- He was Ordained and served as a Baptist Pastor in 1984. He served as a Worship Leader and Sunday school Teacher at Greenfield Alliance Church from 1989-1994. He served as Associate Pastor of Word of Grace Church in Westfield, MA, from 1995-2007. He was the Church planting Senior Pastor of Christian Life Fellowship Ministries in Agawam, MA from 2007-2014. In addition to being our Pastor here at Wachogue Congregational Church, he is also the Senior Pastor of Discipleship and TV Minister of 2 programs on the Springfield, MA public TV channel 12. These programs are: "Great Awakening" ( Gospel of John ) and "Christian History Made Simple" ( Book of Acts ) @ Redemption Gate Mission Society, Springfield,MA

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Matthew 28:19

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"
Thus begins your New Life as a follower of Jesus Christ.

1God knows and Loves YOU


2God has a

for YOU and your life.

A plan to help you, not harm you. Plans to give you a Hope and a future.


3God paid the price for all our Sin.


4God's Will
is in the Bible


5Ask yourself
"What can I do?"


6The Life God has for YOU


Meet Our Members

Here are some of the People you will meet if you come to visit Wachogue-

 Renzo Ventrice


Pastor Renzo gave his life to Jesus in 1977, and has not looked back. Wachogue has had many pastors over the years, but few can match his zeal and enthusiam. If you want to see how God can change your life- you owe it to yourself to meet him in person.

Rick Marcil

Minister of Music

Rick Marcil has played at the Wachogue Congregational Church in some capacity since about 1982. First, he was a summer substitute, then later appeared when he was off on a Sunday from St. Michael’s Cathedral, where he was Tenor soloist / section leader. He now plays for all services, with gusto. He currently the Owner / Engineer at Golden Ear Studios, a Voiceover and Music studio in Southwick, where he also teaches voice and piano. Previously, he spent eleven years as the Global Sound Manager at Hasbro Games, where he was responsible for all speech, music and SFX in games worldwide, in several languages. Rick has been a church musician for decades, and also annually conducts the Holiday Grand Chorus at St. George Cathedral, as part of a benefit to raise money for cancer research.

Beverly Barrett

Head Deacon

Bev is a true woman of God, and as Head Deacon, her focus is the Spiritual side of things here at Wachogue. Wachogue has gone through many changes in the last decade, and Beverly has been a voice of peace during discord, encouragement in tough times, and a staunch supporter of the Church.
Wachogue would not be same the same without her.


Judy Pixley


Judy has been with us since 1975. She performs many duties for the Church, plays Trumpet and Guitar, and has a heart for God's Creatures.
Judy is one of the "unsung heroes" of Wachogue, someone who does all sorts of things for the Church, but seeks no accolades for herself.


Our Skills

Biblical Knowledge
Fruits of the Spirit

Our History


May 1926, Church Charter signed.

The Church building as we know it today was completed.

June 1st 2011. A Tornado came through our area. Nearby St.Micheal's Academy suffered severe damage. Wachogue provided classroom space for their students for over 1 year.

2011-2016 Keeping with Pilgrim Tradition. Churches and Pastors came and went at Wachogue, but the Church stayed the course. At one point our members took turns overseeing services and preparing messages.

Renzo Ventrice has arrived at our Church, assuming the Role of Pastor.

We are all preparing to "Up our game" and start winning souls for Jesus!


The term refers to a body of worshippers who answer only to themselves and God, meaning no higher Denominational authority oversees or creates policy for us. The Pilgrims and Puritans who came to this country 200 years ago worshipped in this manner, and we are proud to carry on that tradition today.
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Fun Facts

"For we are more than conquerors through Christ, who strenghthens us"

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Video Librarys

Here you will find links to 3 sets of videos- the 1st is the messages Pastor Renzo delivers on Sunday Mornings at Wachogue.

The second set is from Pastor's work at Redemption Gate Mission Society

The last set is from Mark Fournier, a member of Wachogue Church for 11 years and an ordained minister himself.

Sunday Messages at Wachogue Church

Clicking the "View More" button below will take you to You Tube, where you can view the messages we have recorded thus far. It will be updated frequently, so check back often. You can return to this site by clicking the back button on your Browser.

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Wachogue Congregational Church
80 Arvilla Street
Springfield, MA
Phone: (413) 782-6229